Proper healthy food for the fall

Salad with orange segments

The autumn has irrevocably taken hold. Suddenly colder and grayer, it is particularly important to gain energy naturally. Therefore, the correct and appropriate to the weather nutrition is especially important in these times. So how do you come with a lot of energy by eating right through the cold season and also avoid the Anfuttern of Herbst/Winterspeck.

The energizers and autumn bacon Repeller

In order to simultaneously take enough food energy, vitamin and zinc-rich foods are especially recommended. In addition, this protects our immune system and therefore our defenses. In addition, we retained the enjoyment of adequate vitamin-rich foods also before applying annoying autumn and winter pounds.

Of vitamin C rich foods: currants, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits.
On zinc -rich foods: shrimp, peanuts, corn, parmesan, beef.
The holding room and diet after TCM – type

When it is cold outside, it is more important to warm his body from the inside. The white and the TCM, which prescribes a diet according to the seasons. So is increasingly hot meals are brought to them in order to create the balance, highly recommended are for example soups in the cold season. But even against the frequently occurring diseases in October, such as sore throat or dry cough, the TCM has advice. Leberbefeuchtende and acidic, liver tonic foods should be consumed. These include oranges, lemons, plums, mushrooms, kiwi or chicken liver.

The good-mood maker

Not to our physical, but rather our mental constitution are these foods. If, in the autumn already times the risk in bad mood, called “Autumn Blues” to decay, for example, with the consumption of exotic fruits or foods that we associate with the summer in conjunction, the good humor returned. But even those that contain the happiness hormone serotonin, and stimulate its production by the substance tryptophan, have such a feel-good effect.

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