Health And Zen Shiatsu

Proper way of life is not detached from the world – ascetic nor substantive self-serving. The Buddha’s message was that we must learn to live together in joy, peace, happiness and harmony.A prerequisite for this is that we are suffering and its conditions and the possibilities of overcoming it really put us.For this purpose, called Buddha a number of essential prerequisites such as the following:

As a daily exercise :

The liberation from suffering is a way that requires daily practice. Negative habit energies that have impressed for many years in our thinking, feeling and acting are to transform. Fixed pattern ( biased viewpoints, harmful acts ), it is by self-observation to detect and replace with new, salutary. This requires will, attention, commitment and perseverance.


Happiness is not a remote destination. Happiness is the way. Mindfulness is the key to happiness. This means our habit and to do everything quickly many things at once, give up and to free ourselves from constraints. We need to slow us down and get involved individually and intensively on any action – as in Shiatsu.

Everyday activities such as eating, making phone calls and go become a daily mindfulness practice. It is true, they consciously and joyfully to make at leisure and celebrate like a ritual. If we succeed, every moment of eternity and a step towards spiritual healing.


We need to keep coming back into the silence, calm the mind and to give yourself the space for peaceful and joyful serenity and introspection. Only in peace, it is possible to identify underlying causes clear and not to remain on the surface of the phenomena and the emotions. The silent contemplation leads to a broader understanding of the world and of their own circumstances.

Con quale criterio bisogna scegliere il futon per praticare Shiatsu? Il futon non deve essere mai troppo morbido, e c’è chi consiglia di lavorare addirittura sui tatami per avere un supporto molto rigido. La cosa più importante è che il futon sia abbastanza largo da porte accogliere il cliente a braccia spalancate, e che protegga nel contempo le ginocchia dell’operatore. Un futon troppo leggero spesso è troppo sottile, per questo su viverezen ci sono dei futon professionali con inserto in cocco per massaggi.

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