Health And Zen Shiats Part 2

Our Shiatsu treatment :

Shiatsu can bring relief from currently existing headache complete freedom from pain and migraine headaches. In addition, Shiatsu can be used preventively, especially in bracing headaches order not to allow complaints of goal. In acute headache is to clarify for the Shiatsu practitioner, whether a lying position is possible and desirable, if the head has to be stored increases, or whether a sitting position is preferred.

The treatment begins, of course, always only in the center ( Hara ). Referring to the energy distribution as the first is the issue of the main working direction of importance that energy carried away from the head, or it has to be supplied.

In energy – wealth and stagnation in the head, it is important to draw the energy down.

In energy – emptiness, it is recommended to work upwards and towards the hands and even toning the head, ie to work stimulating and invigorating.

Especially occiput, neck, shoulder and neck area are often areas where the energy flow is interrupted. Are these transitions blocked, head and body, thinking and feeling are no longer optimal in combination. It is necessary to work in these areas with a oöffnenden and space imaging focus. It is supportive, ” model ” to be in this work, ie simultaneously to open the corresponding zones in your body and relax.

The full body treatment is the inclusion of other problems safely, associated with headache. This can, for example, stresses in the chest / heart area (eg not allowing emotional touches, make tight, have too little room to breathe, in a figurative sense). Also, shoulders, arms and hands may be associated with headache.

The treatment of the feet is very soothing and analgesic in aktuen stage. The foot treatment draws the energy down. When working on the feet of the focus can be placed on a specific unblocking and opening in the neck area, for example, or energy can be drawn from the head toward Earth.

If causes of headache exist in tension, compression and contraction, then shiatsu can offer as an overall focus relaxation, length and maximum aperture.

The treatment of the head in the acute stage is delicate. When Jitsu pain the touch of your head is often not or only towards the end of the Shiatsu treatment possible. Sometimes sedating work may well be down. When Kyo – pain a deep, stimulating work on the head is usually very beneficial. The epoxy products of feedback to direct pressure on head points is advisable. Of course it is in Shiatsu (eg jammed anger) perceive the emotional vibrations and to respond to needs.

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